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Join "Amichai, the Lion of Judah" as he embarks on his fun-filled and educational adventures. Amichai (pronounced AH-mee-khi) is a popular boy's name in Israel, and literally translated means "my people are alive." Aimed at young Jewish children, ages 2 to 6, Amichai's Adventures features a unique combination of puppetry, animation, and live-action video.
The bilingual Amichai speaks English, but likes to share his Hebrew knowledge with his young viewers. In each episode, children will learn simple Hebrew words as they help their lion-friend. Toddlers and preschoolers will "interact" with Amichai, as he seems to talk directly to them and await their responses. Following the examples set by other popular children's television programming, Amichai's Adventures emphasizes problem-solving skills and memory development -- in a specifically Jewish environment.

The videos are available to Jewish day schools, synagogues, and community centers to be sold as fundraisers. Amichai's Adventures not only benefits those children who watch the fun and educational programs, but also directly benefit those organizations that choose to participate in this exciting and unique fundraising activity. Furthermore, a portion of any profits from video sales directly from the company's website will also be donated to organizations that help to educate the youngest members of our Jewish community.

Our executive producers have more than 20 years of broadcast experience and are working closely with professional educators and Jewish leadership to develop high-quality programming specifically for Jewish pre-schoolers. Amichai's Adventures is still under production but will be made available to the public just in time for the start of the Channukah 2002 shopping season!

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